One of the main characters in my book is Blanche.  Blanche is the tooth fairy.  Blanche drives one of these:

But it has a sidecar… you know, one of these:

What else would the Tooth Fairy drive?



I’m currently working on a children’s book in my free time.  By “working on” I mean I think about it all the time but don’t always work on it when I should.  By “free time” I mean from 9-11pm, which isn’t much time.

That being said, I have a vision and I know I’ll follow through. I have my characters sketched out and I feel like I’ve known them forever (possibly because it’s based on my childhood).   One thing that is a big daunting to me is the medium.  I really love the look of sketchy pen and ink.  I can see the book in my head, I can see what I WANT my characters to look like in the finished illustrations.

Think mix of :

Vincent Kirsh

Tony DiTerlizzi

And obviously Quentin Blake

Problem is, I don’t know how to use Pen and Ink.  I’m sure I could get the effect using the computer, but there’s a very very small amount of purest in me and I just want to do it the original way.  I want to at least try.  So, I’ve gotten some india ink and a nib pen.  I have used them once when my friend showed me how they work.  Since then, i’ve just been staring at the pen and ink thinking about how I SHOULD just pick it up and do it, but I haven’t.

Maybe tonight will be my night?

Some old work

Here’s some of my old work

from my time studying abroad in Southern  France during the summer of 2005.