A Villain

I knew Juniper Louise Brown’s story was missing something, but I didn’t know what it was.  Luckily, Anne did.  Juniper Louise Brown needs a nemesis.  Well, not exactly for Juniper Louise Brown, but for the Tooth Fairy.  What if there was an evil Tooth Villain out there whose goal was to beat the tooth fairy to the prize and instead of leaving a treasure where the tooth once was, the villain left something that no child would ever want.  The villain left broccoli gum.

This villain doesn’t yet have a name or a face.  But I believe her to be young, attractive, and have exquisite hair (perhaps from eating so much broccoli gum).  Her fingernails are stained green and her eyes have a slight purplish hue.  She wears oxford shoes.

Thoughts? Names?


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