Coming up…

I’m almost done with my first commissioned piece! I’m so excited about it and feeling incredibly inspired.  I’ll be sending it out this weekend and once the buyer receives it I’ll be posting pictures of it here! (I would hate for them to see a picture of it before they actually got to see the real thing.)  I have a few more portraits to do after that, trades with fellow artisans and family gifts, but I’m hoping to get some time in for a special project… Anyone who reads my blog knows about my love of children’s books and their illustrations.  I have a special affinity for The Giving Tree, The Little Prince, and Alice in Wonderland, so I’ve decided to create a line of paper cut recreations of my favorite illustrations! Here are the images on my list so far…

What’s YOUR favorite children’s book illustration?


2 thoughts on “Coming up…

  1. For illustrations, “The Paperbag Princess” by Muncsch, “It’s Hard to be Five” and “Today I feel Silly” by Jamie Lee Curtis, and of course, the classic “Where the Wild Things Are”.

    PS – I think I recognize that family in the cut-out portrait 🙂

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