Too cool not to share

I was catching up on my blog reading tonight (I’ve fallen terribly behind)  and I stumbled on a few things that were just too cool not to share!

First up, this magical illustration on Crooked House.  I’m not sure who the artist is, but it’s simply incredible!


I was also pleasantly surprised and excited to stumble across the new USPS industrial design stamps on Design Milk! Maybe these will find a home on our wedding invitations

New Stamps Feature 12 Legendary American Industrial Designers

Last but not least, the brocoli house found on Swis Miss.  I don’t think this one requires any introduction…

Broccoli House trees photography food

(I wonder if I could make a baby bok choy and baby squash city from this weeks CSA pick up…)

I hate falling behind on reading design blogs because it always feels impossible to catch up and I don’t like knowing I missed so much great art…but if playing catch up means that I get to find awesome stuff like this, then I guess playing catch up isn’t so bad!



A new show at Brooklyn Collective!

I’m happy to announce that my work is currently being shown at Brooklyn Collective! If you’re in Brooklyn, or near Brooklyn, or heard of brooklyn, you should go see it! There are some really spectacular other artists being shows as well, so you don’t just have to look at my stuff!

Here’s a little peak at what you’ll find!