Too cool not to share

I was catching up on my blog reading tonight (I’ve fallen terribly behind)  and I stumbled on a few things that were just too cool not to share!

First up, this magical illustration on Crooked House.  I’m not sure who the artist is, but it’s simply incredible!


I was also pleasantly surprised and excited to stumble across the new USPS industrial design stamps on Design Milk! Maybe these will find a home on our wedding invitations

New Stamps Feature 12 Legendary American Industrial Designers

Last but not least, the brocoli house found on Swis Miss.  I don’t think this one requires any introduction…

Broccoli House trees photography food

(I wonder if I could make a baby bok choy and baby squash city from this weeks CSA pick up…)

I hate falling behind on reading design blogs because it always feels impossible to catch up and I don’t like knowing I missed so much great art…but if playing catch up means that I get to find awesome stuff like this, then I guess playing catch up isn’t so bad!



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