The painted rug

There’s a famous story in my family about the time my grandma painted a rug.  She decided the shag carpet would look better in brown (seems obvious enough), and so she had the rug painted.  It was before my time, but I have visions of her hiring someone to literally rake acrylic paint through the carpet.  From what I hear, that wasn’t so far off.  The rug was stiff and smelled like paint for years.  So, you’ll understand my surprise when I went on Design*Sponge today and saw a before and after feature about painting a rug. I couldn’t believe my eyes! And from what I could tell, this time it actually worked. I think my grandma would be very proud. I’ll leave you with some images of this awesome project, and you can check out the full article here.

(images courtesy of Design*Sponge)